Battle Royale Girl
Halloween 2010

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Backup plans: this one's SUPER*LUCKY.

Several uniformed schoolgirls huddling together in fright, in a still from the movie.
Movie still from Battle Royale Online

So this is my backup for the not-happening Air Spirit costume.

Battle Royale's plot boils down to the fact that the Japanese government selects a class of ninth-graders and forces them to kill each other until only one survives. I first read the book (by Takami Koushun) in high school, and the movie soon after finishing the book. This costume is based off of the movie, mainly because the book just has generic Japanese school uniforms (with good reason, since these students are supposed to be anyone). I've actually been wanting to put together one of these for a while, since it's a simple, yet recognizable outfit. I don't go for simple often enough in my costuming.

As I'm only looking to portray and random female student, and not a particular character, the costume itself boils down to:

Last, but not least, from the props department comes an explosive collar and a weapon.