William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus
Spring 2010

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Titus returns to Rome to bury his 21 dead sons
Queen Tamora and her family, as prisoners
Tamora begs Titus to speare the life of her eldest son
Mutius stab'd by Titus.  Lucius is shocked.
Quintus weeps over Mutius' body.  Marcus reasons with Titus.
Lavinia sharing a cute moment with her new husband
Aaron gloating to the audience
Chiron and Demetrius, fighting each other
Chiron stabbing Bassianus
Marcus finding Lavinia with 'hands cut off, ravish'd'
Marcus kneeling to make a vow
Chiron and Demtrius taunting Lucius Jr.
A fool being led off to be executed
Tableaux in Act 5, scene 3, after a quick succession of deaths.
Cast members sitting in their costumes
Tamora, Chiron, and Demetrius together, in color
Tamora in color, full body shot
Aaron in color, full body shot
Aemelius in color
Marcus and Publius, waist-up